7th Dan – Shihan-Dai

Brett Nener Sensei is the Australasian head of Butoku-Ryu Aikijujutsu and the chief instructor at the UWA Aikido Club.

Brett started his training with Fujimori Sensei in the 1970’s at the University of Tokyo where he was doing postgraduate studies, and at Shiseikan Dojo where he trained under Tanaka Shigeho 9th Dan and Inaba Minoro Shihan (second director of Shiseikan). Brett received his second Dan from Tanaka Shihan in Showa 54 (1979, see certificate). He received the Kyoshi grade in Tanaka Ha Aikijujutsu in Hesei 14 (2002, see certificate) and was progressively graded receiving seventh Dan in Hesei 22 (2010, see certificate). He also trained in Judo and Greco Wrestling in his youth, becoming state champion in his age group in Judo. He studied Jujutsu under Jan DeJong, Sano and Uno Yoshiaki (Yoseikan Aikido).